Refund and Returns Policy

We offer online packages each package is different in terms of number of classes and the prices of each which reflects the change in subjects taught within each course.

  1. The free lesson package  is offered at the discretion of the program and is equivalent only to 30 minutes of free tutoring which cannot be replaced into money and cannot be booked more than once per individual student even if this particular student obtain multiple accounts in which case the student will be liable to pay for any extra lessons that has been delivered.
  2. All packages (Except the Pay as you go option) are made up of a set number of lessons which can be delivered over the span of 3 months , however,  if the student wishes , they can book extra classes on top if they wish to have more frequent classes than the suggested total number of hours.
  3. Any lessons purchased online via the website or via any means of  contact on phone or by any other mean is subject to an expiry date of 14 weeks at the maximum which means that if these lessons are not used before the expiry date these lessons will  expire and the student will not be able to book lessons after his credit has expired , no refund will be given for any payment received for those lessons which expire even if the student did not receive the lessons. So it's crucial that any lessons bought are used before the expiry date is due. In the event that booking of lessons have been neglected too long until the expiry date has become near, the student will NOT be able to book multiple lessons in a short period of time  to make up for missed lessons unless by agreement of the tutor who is his regular tutor and if the tutor's availability  permits for such over crowding of lessons.
  4. Students have the right to cancel the purchase of any package within 14-days for a full refund after subtracting the fees for lessons already delivered plus £10 administration fees , but after this 14 days period no refund will be given back for any cancellation and the student agrees to commit to having the lessons in a timely and orderly manner according to availability of the Tutors,
  5. In the extreme circumstances where the student is faced with emergency unforeseen conditions that requires them to cancel a course after the 14 days grace period have passed they may do so by writing to our website administration at [email protected] explaining  the unforeseen circumstances and requesting a refund , it would be then at the discretion of the the website administration to either accept or reject the request and a refund may or may not be approved and might be either partially or in full and is a subject to paying the amount of classes already delivered plus £10 pounds administration fees.
  6. Pay as you go packages have no minimum monthly limit and can be any number of hours the student wishes to book, the difference is that they offer more flexibility as the student can pay per lesson rather than per 3 monthly subscription, however,  they still follow the same rules above for cancellations and refunds as well as the 14 weeks expiry dates.
  7. Each student will receive instructions when joining the program explaining the process of cancelling or rescheduling a lesson , please note that to be able to cancel or reschedule a lesson , you will have to  click on the (Cancel/Reschedule) button in your account , this will be only allowed if you try to do this > 12 hours in advance. This is to allow time for the tutor to change his/her schedule and to move lessons accordingly. If lessons are not rescheduled in more than 12 hours notice,  the student will have to attend the class and the time will be deducted from his/her total credit hours.
  8. In the event that a lesson is missed due to a tutor fault or no show from tutor , the lesson will be either rescheduled or a refund for that lesson will be issued to the student. And in case this is a recurring problem , the student will be entitled to change of tutor free of charge OR a refund for the remaining hours (amount of money equivalent to the amount of hours left multiplied by the price per hour for the respective package he/she bought originally and not at the current rate at the time of cancellation).
  9. If the student is not happy with their tutor they can request a change of tutor once free of charge , any other subsequent change of tutor will incur £5 administration fee.

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