Privacy Policy

Who we are

'We' , 'Us' , 'our' refers to the website administration and tutors of Elbyan institute and the owners of the website www.elbyan.co.uk and www.elbyan.co.uk, 'You' refers to a student at our institute or the responsible adult in case a student is a child.

Services we offer:

We offer online Quran and Arabic teaching including Tajweed rules and principles of islamic belief , our classes are delivered online via communication apps such as Skype , zoom , whatsapp and others , we use the website www.elbyan.co.uk to facilitate the booking of classes and the management of students and tutors.

Privacy Policy:

  1. We will not share your information including your name, age , phone number or email address with any other third party.  However these information might be retained indefinitely on our servers for future use in case you decide to rejoin the program even after you have left, we might continue to send you emails containing relevant information and marketing material, you can request that your information is deleted permanently from our service and to opt out from any further communication by sending us a written request to our email [email protected].
  2. Although every effort has been made to keep your data secure , and the fact that we comply with the highest standards of networking security, we recognize that any website can be a target for cyber attacks and piracy,  we accept no liabilities whatsoever for any breach or loss of account or personal information and the students agree that they use the website at their own discretion . We do not however anticipate any breaches and we will notify any affected users of any incidents as soon as we become aware of it.

Learn to recite
the holy Quran correctly.

Email Elbyan at [email protected] to find out more about our online Quran classes.
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