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We have moved to a flexible payment module, please get in touch and we will reach a payment plan that fulfills your need and doesn't break the bank account!!

Please note that we require advance payment for all packages.  You will need to make an account to be able to book classes with a tutor.

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Lesson packages

  • Free Trial Lesson

    This is a Free lesson so you can speak to your tutor and get to know each other.

     Important: Please do not book any lessons before being allocated a tutor, please contact a site admin if you have not been allocated a tutor.

    Hours : 30 Minutes
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  • Tajweed Classes

    For those only interested in reading and correct pronunciation to become able to read the Quran with ease Includes Qa'eda Nouranyah and Tajweed principles This is a 3-month subscription, this package contains 20 hours.
    Hours : 20
    Price : £5.00 / Hour
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  • Pay As You Learn

    Pay by individual hours Choose any time and any subject that you wish to learn and pay for one lesson or more, choose this option for maximum flexibility. Prices are per hour
    Price : £6.00 / Hour
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  • Arabic Classes

    Learn the basics of Arabic language. Learn to read and write Arabic Learn simple grammar and sentence formation We teach standard modern Arabic for non-Arab speakers This is a 3-month subscription, this package contains 24 hours.
    Hours : 24
    Price : £7.50 / Hour
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  • Beginner Learner

    Suitable for children and young adults, and those who have little experience in learning or memorizing Quran. Includes all or any of the following:
    • Memorisation of Quran
    • Reading and recitation
    • Qa'eda Nouranyah for non-Arabic speakers
    • Principles of Islamic belief
    • Wudu and prayers for children
      This is a 3-month subscription, this package contains 30 hours.
    Hours : 30
    Price : £5.00 / Hour
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  • Advanced Learner

    Suitable for those who are highly motivated and keen to learn with passion. Includes any or all of the following:
    • Intense memorisation of Quran
    • Tajweed
    • Tafseer
    • Qa'eda Nouranyah
    • Monthly webinar with open discussion
    • 40 imam Nawwai hadith
    This is a 3-month subscription, this package contains 40 hours.
    Hours : 40
    Price : £5.50 / Hour
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Promotional offers

Family discount

We aim to help families fulfil their childrens' needs with as little financial burden as possible,  we lend a helping hand if you have more than one person who needs to learn

10% discount on all packages for 2 learners

15% discount on all packages for 3 or more learners

One Ummah offer

We are One Ummah, we help each other learn the Quran and support each other to join our family and friends in paradise

Refer a friend and each of you gets a 10% discount on all packages for 3 months


If you or someone you know wants to learn the Quran but cannot afford it, please get in touch

We can offer grants of 20%, 50% and up to 100% of tuition fees, judged on a case-by-case basis and according to availability

Occasional offers

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and be an active member of our social media family

We post occasional offers and discounts from time to time to our followers and active contributers

Extra lessons

If you buy any package and wish to add extra lessons to thet package, the extra lessons will be charged at 50% of the value of the "Pay as you learn" package

Learn to recite
the holy Quran correctly.

Email Elbyan at [email protected] to find out more about our online Quran classes.
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