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Can You Learn Arabic Online in 2 Months?

This is the most controversial question. People often think, ‘You can either learn Arabic in 24 months or not at all’. And when it comes to learning Arabic online, that too within 8 weeks seems nearly impossible. But what if we tell you it is achievable?!

Most students at Elbyan have mastered the beginner level of Arabic in just 2 months! Also, they didn’t have to go the extra mile or work day and night to achieve this level. Therefore, Yes, it is humanly possible!

Can You Learn Arabic in 2 Months?

With dedicated 15-20 minutes every day for 2 months and a simple learning system, anyone can learn Arabic online for the beginner or intermediate levels. 

Or dedicate 15-20 minutes every week to achieve the beginner Arabic level in 8 months. 

Therefore, you need approximately 700 - 900 hours of study to accomplish your Arabic learning journey. 

Factors That Will Help You Learn Arabic Online Fast 

Create a Strong Mindset 

Before you begin your journey to learn Quran online, set up your mind in a way - No matter how busy you are, you’ll make out 20 minutes to revise your Arabic lessons. This will keep you on track to achieve your goal.

Choose the Right Learning Resources 

Choosing the right learning resources is key to mastering Arabic. Utilize resources like books, audio-videos, podcasts and more to learn faster. Also, look for an institute with experienced teachers and a comprehensive course structure for maximum benefit.

Hire an Arabic Tutor for a month or two

Hiring an Arabic tutor for a month or two can be beneficial in learning the language quickly. An experienced tutor can help you understand complex concepts and give personalized attention so that you learn faster and more effectively. They will also help develop your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills to ensure that you are confident in all aspects of the language.

Enrol in an Online Arabic Course for Constant Motivation & Support

Enrolling in an online Arabic course can motivate and support you. An online course will offer guidance from experienced teachers, a personalized curriculum to fit your needs, and individual attention to help strengthen your language skills.

Don’t just study but Make a Learning System 

It’s essential to have a learning system and not just study. This can include setting daily goals, tracking progress, and building target vocabulary. With this system in place, you can easily understand the language and ensure that you are on track to reach your goal of mastering Arabic in 2 months.

Revise Before Studying New Lessons

Revising the lessons you already learned is essential to mastering Arabic in 8 weeks. This way, you will not only remember what you have studied but also be able to link different concepts together for better understanding and faster absorption. Revising your lessons allows you to gain confidence in your language skills and easily approach new topics.

Practise Your Lessons by Talking to Yourself/Others

Practising is very important if you want to learn Arabic in two months. If you keep practising, soon you will be able to communicate easily in Arabic! Talk to yourself or have conversations with others in the language. This will help you learn how to say words correctly, increase your word list, and understand the grammar rules.

Read out Aloud To Learn Arabic Online

Reading out loud and taking tests can help you learn Arabic quickly. Reading aloud will help you get the right words with the right sounds. Tests measure what you know and show which areas need more work. This helps make sure you understand everything important in Arabic.

Study After Fajr Prayer

Studying after the Fajr prayer is a great way to learn Arabic quickly. As it’s quiet and peaceful during this time, your mind will be focused on learning the language instead of being distracted. Furthermore, you can also recite Quran verses or listen to lectures while studying, which will help you retain the material better.

Keep the Distractions Away While You Study

Distractions can take away your focus and energy while studying. To avoid this, ensure a distraction-free environment, set study goals, create a schedule, and reward yourself when you complete the tasks. This will help keep you motivated to learn Arabic faster and more effectively.

Become Consistent, and Never Give Up!

Consistency is key when it comes to learning a language. If you give up easily, you will never get far in your studies. Commit to studying regularly, and don’t let yourself be discouraged if you don’t understand something right away. With dedication and effort, you can learn Arabic in two months!

Ending Note

Learning Arabic in two months is possible if you follow the right steps and have a consistent learning system in place. With dedication, hard work, and guidance from an experienced tutor or online course, you can quickly reach your goal of mastering the language.

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